Brit Actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s Coming American Invasion

The reboot of Star Trek was an enormous critical and commercial success. Director J.J. Abrams epic retelling of the beloved television series caught the imagination of old and new fans alike. When a sequel was announced, rumors immediately started swirling: where would the crew of the Enterprise travel next? Would the sequel live up to the
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Gotta Get Down On Black Friday: A Shopping Survival Guide

The day after Thanksgiving, better know as Black Friday. The term sounds almost ominous. But it’s the official kick-off for the time of year when retailers finally begin turning a profit. Still, most associate the day with the horror of holiday shopping – early morning crowds, long-lines, surly retail workers, and Christmas music….oh, the Read More

Ciao Ciao, Silvio! Berlusconi’s Seediest Moments

Italians and Italophiles the world over breathed a sigh of relief last week, when Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi finally declared that he would resign to focus on running his media empire. Berlusconi, even when out of office, has effectively been the focus of Italian politics since his first brief stint as PM in 1994. Legal troubles have Read More

The Latest College Football Drama

It’s not a great time to be involved in running the NCAA. Between shattering exposés of corruption landing in the Atlantic Monthly, seemingly never-ending recruitment scandals, and student-athletes demanding a cut of TV contract money, the organization has never seemed so fragile, or so misguided. Meanwhile, discontent has also been brewing over Read More
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