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Friends eat healthy

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Having Healthy Friends Encourages Healthy Eating

Anyone who has tried to lose weight can tell you how hard it is. No matter how many pounds you're trying to shed — 5 or 50 — it's just insanely difficult. Why? Well because food tastes good. And the worst food for you tends to be the best tasting. If carrots tasted like chocolate chip cookies then it'd be easy to drop the pounds. But they don't, Read More
Dark creative art

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Need to Get Creative? Turn Out the Lights

There's a few stereotypes about artists, but one that seems to always rise to the top is that they're dark and brooding people. That notion just got a little bit of science behind it, in the most literal way possible: According to German researchers, darkness — we're talking dim lighting and the blackness of midnight in the country — helps Read More

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The 'Frenemy' Factor: Why Some Women Love to Hate Each Other

Let’s be real: Even when they’re friends, some women don’t seem to like each other very much. The idea of “frenemies” — people who are public friends but privately tear each other down — has become ubiquitous, especially in female circles. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at all of the movies and TV shows portraying those kinds of Read More
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