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Cooling off

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Keep Cool For Less Money, No Matter Where You Live

It’s going to be a rough summer, folks. Thanks to global climate change, we can expect more erratic weather and more extreme temperatures. You’re probably already running your air conditioner 24/7, and racking up a shocking electric bills in the process. If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably already taken the advice of replacing your windows, Read More
Chug coffee

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Ever Wonder What Career Fields Down the Most Coffee?

Your coffee habit may not be a problem if you’re drinking in moderation. But for some people, coffee is the only thing that keeps them going, and it’s not uncommon to see folks slurping up cup after cup, even as the day dwindles down. So it should come as no surprise that certain jobs seem to drive people towards higher levels of caffeine Read More
Screen Shot 2014 05 02 at 9 54 13 AM

Heart & Home

Almonds Are Officially Pretty Much the Perfect Snack

If you want to live a long, healthy life, you have to eat good food. That means eating french fries when you want a snack is a no go. Well, you can do that if you want to die quickly. Otherwise, you have got to find "good" things to eat. And if you're an almond lover, you're in luck. According to research, they're pretty much the Read More
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