Meet the New iPhone

In case you didn’t know it, today was a big day. Why? Well, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone. It’s something we here at Daily Lounge have been looking forward to in burning anticipation for month – tracking and debunking what to expect. But now that it’s officially here, we decided to present a handy guide to all the changes and new features that come with the new iPhone.

It’s not the iPhone 5, it’s the iPhone 4S. This is probably the most surprising announcement by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who MC’d the first ever iPhone reveal without Steve Jobs. It was also probably one that filled Apple fanboys everywhere with disappointment when they first heard the name. The 4S model name connotes a more updated version of the iPhone 4 as opposed to a brand new product overhaul, which would be an iPhone 5. Thankfully, Apple seems to have added enough cool upgrades that iPhone fans won’t care what’s it called, they’ll still but it.

A faster processor. The new 4S will feature the Dual-Core A5 processor (the same chip used in the iPad 2), which make this the fastest iPhone ever. During the presentation Apple showed off blazing speed in changing apps, quickly loading webpages, a new operating system, and eye-popping graphics.

A better camera. This is probably the one feature that everyone saw coming. The new 8-megapixel camera includes improved optics, face detection software, and the ability to edit photos on your phone. It can also shoot 1080P HD video that Apple claims will come out steadier thanks to stabilizing gyro and software.

Longer batter life. Like the improved camera, this is something that most people saw coming. The improved battery will allow for up six hours of 3G browsing and nine for Wi-Fi.

The addition of Sprint as a carrier. More of a foregone conclusion than the upgraded camera battery is the addition of Sprint – the last major wireless service provider to get the iPhone. Yeah, T-Mobile doesn’t have it either, but AT&T is currently buying them, so….

Free iCloud service. Apple’s iCould isn’t exactly new, they first unveiled their cloud storage and computing service in June. So with the upgraded operating system and faster processor, it makes sense that they would integrate it with the new iPhone, for free. iCloud allow you to wirelessly store and access your files (documents, music, movies)on a separate server, thus saving you the storage space on your phone.

Introducing Siri. Without a doubt the star feature of the presentation. Siri is voice recognition “assistant” that’s Beta version comes with the iPhone 4S. With Siri you can dictate and send messages, update your calendar, search for information, and set reminders keyed to locations via the phone’s GPS. It’s one of those product features that reminds us we live in the future.

[Pic via Flickr - Yutaka Tsutano]

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