Hate Your Job? Just Outsource it to China!

Ever wish you could spend your entire workday just watching cat videos and Reddit-ing? We know we do!

One man discovered a way to do so -- All while making it look like he was actually getting work done. Meet “Bob” (real name unknown), the man who successfully outsourced his job to China. Until he got caught by the Verizon RISK Team, that is.

In an effort to allow their employees the opportunity to telecommute, Bob’s company had begun allowing employees VPN access to their computer systems. For those of you who aren’t too technologically savvy, that means that employees were able to remotely access all of their work files from home. When the company’s IT team noticed a live connection from Shenyang, China, that had been occurring every work day for at least six months, registered to an employee who had been sitting at his desk, on his computer, all of those days, they decided to contact Verizon for some help in figuring out what the story was behind this alarming security breach. The strangest part? Logging in to the VPN required the use of a physical key card.

As it turns out, Bob was paying a Chinese consulting company to do his job for a mere fifth of his salary. He simply FedEx-ed the key card to his outsourced other self. How did Verizon figure it out? They accessed his computer files and found a folder full of hundreds of invoices from a third-party contractor in China. They also discovered just what Bob had really been doing all day: Wasting time online.

Obviously, that was the end for Bob, who had previously received nothing but high marks in all of his company performance reviews. The man who caught him, Andrew Valentine, has some advice for anyone who feels like making another go at this scheme, however. From ABC News: “Valentine said that if he was even cleverer, he would have set up a server at home, or somewhere else off-site, for the Chinese consulting firm to access. Then he could proxy their traffic, making it appear that the traffic was coming from his home.”

Sounds simple enough, right? Next time you’re bored out of your mind at work and wish you could spend the whole day updating your Facebook status, don’t be surprised if you spend an hour or two researching how VPN clients work.

Odds are, you won’t be the first person inspired by this story.

[Pic via Flickr -- monterd]

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