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The History of Gift Giving

Christmas is a time of joy, celebration, and giving. One of the most cherished traditions associated with this holiday is the exchange of gifts. But have you ever wondered where the tradition of giving Christmas gifts originated from? Let's delve into the fascinating history of Christmas gifts. The custom of exchanging gifts during the winter
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Feeling Down? Get Awesome

Let's face it, there are plenty of moments in life that can increase your stress level and make us angrier than we already are. Traffic, heat waves, Lil Wayne, the list goes on and on to the point that at times it's easier picking out the things that make us upset than the things that make us happier and calmer. Thankfully, there are Read More

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5 Running Mistakes You Keep Making

All runners have bad habits. Yet no matter how often these errors and vices throw us against the wall, slow us down, or leave us stranded on a PR plateau (that's "personal record" for you non-runners), we keep making them. Here's a look at the most common mistakes: You’re Malnourished When I ran my first marathon, I brought with me two Read More
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