Why Won’t Anyone Take Ron Paul Seriously?

If you happened to catch the Daily Show with John Stewart on Tuesday night, you probably caught Stewart point out an interesting disparity – the complete and utter lack of coverage by the news media of a major Republican candidate. If you can’t spare the four minutes and 20 seconds to watch it (Come on! It takes more time to cook and eat a hot
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The Art of the Superhero Movie

Another weekend, another superhero movie. This time it’s DC’s Green Lantern that’s making waves at the box office, which opened with a (relatively speaking) good-but-not-great $52.7 million in its first weekend. By now, the superhero movie – once an outpost of the sci-fi / fantasy genre – has become a fixture at the multiplex. That being so, we Read More

The Last, Best Hope of British Tennis?

Though its roots can be traced back as far as ancient Persia and Egypt, the game of tennis as we know it is unmistakably British, having been patented by a man named Major Walter Wingfield in 1874. Three years later, the first tennis championship was played at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, that by now is known simply as Read More
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