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Catch the Spirit of the Season: the Best Springtime Traditions

With the end of the frigid winter almost on us, we got to thinking: What are the best springtime traditions? Here are our choices.

Opening Day
Yes, the basketball and hockey seasons spend the beginning of spring roaring to their respective climaxes, but we only have one sport that begins in the spring, and it’s baseball, the most American game of them all. When pitchers and catchers report to spring training in February, it’s the first sign that spring is just around the corner; when ballparks open their doors for the first game of the season, almost always in the first week of April, it’s the sign that spring has officially arrived. If you can manage it, there’s no better way to ring in the spring than grabbing your glove and sitting in the bleachers with a hot dog and a beer watching the home team start its quest for the World Series.

Easter Egg Hunts
We’re going to pass on the religious significance of Easter egg hunts in favor of observing what they really are: a chance to dress in pastels, have a really big barbecue, and watch little kids run around killing themselves to find brightly-colored eggs filled with candy that we will inevitably steal. There’s also a whole tradition around painting eggs that’s a lot of fun for the more artistically inclined — to the point that there are some pieces of Easter egg art that are simply jaw-dropping. On the other hand, Easter egg hunts also probably mean having to spend time with stressful family members, but one takes the good with the bad.

Wearing Pink with Mint Juleps
For the fashionably inclined, springtime means a chance to move from the layers and bundles of wintertime drear to a whole new wardrobe. That includes sundresses for the ladies, seersucker suits for the gents, and generally finally getting a chance to bust out all the pink and white you could ever hope to combine in a single outfit. Of course, no springtime outfit is complete without its complementary beverage, and springtime is the chance to re-introduce favorite cocktails to an evening out: Pimms cups, mint juleps, and gin and tonics are all notable beverages for the springtime.

Spring Cleaning
On the one hand, its not nearly as fun as going to ball games or drinking cocktails. Still, there’s something refreshing about finally taking advantage of some warm weather to get one’s house in order and making it presentable for the coming spring and summer after having spent the winter hibernating and avoiding any sort of movement whatsoever. It also means a chance for garage sales, both to sell and to buy — and the chance to finally track down that VHS copy of all the seasons of Seinfeld.

[Pic via Flickr - Fréderic]

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