CES Day 1 with Jennifer Jolly

Today is the official start of the world’s largest consumer electronics show It’s like the Superbowl of gadgets — some 180-thousand people, 4,500 companies, showing off tech that covers the space of than 55-football fields.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

Samsung’s revamped Notebook 9 Pro is a 2-in-1 PC that could be the Windows 10 laptop to beat this year. With a new, upgraded, expensive look and feel, and a battery life "up to 15 hours" with support for fast charging — this is a mid-range price device, perfect for students, busy professionals, or creatives. Super thin and light, easy to take wherever busy life leads. Comes out this Spring!

Dolby Dimension

Dolby long ago set the standard for stellar sound around the globe and they just launched their first-ever consumer product — these gorgeous high-end Dolby Dimension Headphones. I’ve had them for a few weeks now — true full cinematic sound, and headtracking - so when you turn your head - it’s louder in the ear closer to the TV - just like real life conversation— capacitative touch controls right on the side of headphone itself. You can adjust how much outside noise you hear — totally tailor them to you. You can buy them on Amazon now for just under $600.

Hisense H8

TV’s are always a big story here as well — Hisense just unveiled an impressive line-up including the Sonic One TV which is just over an inch 1.1 wide its thickest point — and more OMG models: But but it’s this one behind me I’ll actually buy this year! H8F series with ULED technology intuitively and continually adjusts settings, boosting brightness, color, contrast and motion. It comes out May 2019 starting at $400 for the 50-inch and up to $750 for the 65-inch!


Lovot is the anti-robot. It doesn’t dominate a daily task with superhuman strength or skills, and it’s not even really meant to be helpful. What it is, however, is a fluffy, fabric-covered mechanical companion with the smarts of a toddler and the charm to match. It scurries over to you when you call it and begs to be held. It responds to touch and loves to be cuddled — and it’s as smart as it is cute: It can recognize and understand up to 1,000 different voices and has the equivalent, and is packed tech equivalent to 7-pc’s. Due in America around 2020 for around $3,000 .


How would you like to take your exercise and actually produce energy not just burn it? The VERDE by SportsArt is the first treadmill that is capable of harnessing the human power and converting it to utility grade electricity. walk, jog, run, sprint - keep the lights on - or just cut down on your energy bills.

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