CES Day 2 with Jennifer Jolly

Back here on Day Two and we're seeing smarter home-everythings, a huge run on wellness tech, and "new" tech fixing old problems.


Let's jump in right there with Dell unveiling what may very well be the perfect 13-inch notebook with its revamped XPS 13. Sleek, stylish, edge-to-edge display. Most significantly, they fixed the last remaining pain point: and put an HD webcam right htere - above the "Infinity Edge" display. It took engineers two years to do that - and it's likely a top contender for best laptop of the new year!

AfterShokz Xtrainerz

These AfterShokz XTrainerz headphones use bone-conduction tech to transmit sound to your ears through your cheekbones. And these are waterproof! You can use them while you're swimming! Music loads right onto these directly - with 4GB of storage to hold up to 1,000 songs, so you can enjoy your music without carrying your smartphone. They ship this Spring and will cost around $150.

Quell 2.0

Another major update here with the Quell 2.0 - it's a pretty amazing wearble for drug-free chronic pain relief. You wear it just below your knee and it sends neural-pulses to your brain that trigger a natural pain relief response in the central nervous system. This 2.0 version is 50% smaller, 20% more powerful and they're adding an AI component for more personalized treatment too.

Eargo Neo

Eargo's Neo also caught my eye - or rather ear! A nearly invisible new hearing aid packed with enhanced auditory tech, and tons of new features like: it goes 16 hours on a full charge - and quick charges in its own case! It's for mild to moderate hearing loss - which is a huge growing problem with people listening to headphones too loud - rock conerts - this isn't your grandfather's hearing aid. Available now - check with your doctor or audiologist for pricing.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Of all the amazing things getting smarter - Sleep Number's 360 Smart Bed might be my favorite and not just because I'm totally exhausted and overstimulated here in Las Vegas this week. 1-in-3 adults aren't getting enough sleep regularly. These beds are packed with smart sensors that measure more than 7-billion biometric data points every single night, including heart rate and breathing rate. It automatically adjusts as you sleep - it senses your movements and adjusts its firmness and support without disturbing your peaceful sleep. Forms perfectly to you ... pair it with the new SleepIQ app to get personalized insights - to coach you to more rest - hallelujah!

Toto Flotation Tub and Toto Neorest NX2 Toilet

In the gee-whiz category - check this out: The Toto Flotation Tub makes your bathroom feel like the space station. It's the world's first zero-gravity bathtub - promising to put people in a meditative state through the experience of total weightlessness - right in their own homes. And ... and toilet bowl cleans itself! The Neorest NX2 smart toilet features high-tech sensors to automatically open and close the lid and flush the water - and yes, it cleans itself! It even has a built-in bowl deoderizer!

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