"Homegating" - Tailgating at Home with Celebrity Chef, George Duran

Football season is here and this year I'm homegating - that means tailgating at home with friends and family.

Cocktail Artist

I like to set the tone with a fine drink made with these Cocktail Artist premium cocktail mixes and bar ingredients. They have over 15 flavors made in the USA and designed by award-winning mixologists. Make a Classic Bloody Mary using their Bloody Mary mix made from tomato puree and savory spices. Their mixes use natural fruit juices and flavors along with pure cane sugar and organic blue agave nectar. That means no high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors. Don’t forget to get creative with the garnishes like my infamous candied maple bacon. Cocktail Artist is sold nationwide at Wal-Mart and can also be found in grocery stores. Click here to find a store near you.


Now you can enjoy the big game even while you’re grilling! This is MEATER by Apption Labs, its the world’s first truly wireless smart, leave-in meat thermometer. It stays inserted throughout the cooking process, with absolutely no wires and measures the internal meat and external ambient temperatures, providing estimated cook times and alerts to your smartphone. You can use MEATER in the oven, a grill, or even in a rotisserie ... and with the new Meater+ you get a range of over 165 feet! Click here to learn more.


Now for those who hate waiting for delivery pizza for the big game, DIGIORNO Crispy Pan Pepperoni Pizza is baked at home so it’s just the right temperature with the toppings you want. It gives you that perfect crispy, caramelized crust you can't get from delivery. Covered with edge-to-edge cheese and it even comes with its own pan to brown and crisp the crust for a crunchy outside and a soft, tender inside. It's homegating you can count on! Ready in only 25 minutes and available at grocery stores nationwide. Click here to learn more.

Litehouse, Inc.

Have you ever dipped pizza in salad dressing? So good! In fact, I like to use Litehouse dressings which you can find right in the produce section of the grocery store. They are delicious compliments for all your gameday needs like raw veggies, pasta salads, baked potatoes or even classic Buffalo wings. I love their Homestyle Ranch and their Chunky Blue Cheese which have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Click here to learn more.

Eckrich Original Skinless Smoked Sausage

Now check out my southwest smoked sausage chili mac using Eckrich Original Skinless Smoked Sausage which is naturally hardwood smoked and just the right blend of spices. As the official sponsor of the College Football Playoffs, Eckrich is bringing back the Road to the National Championship sweepstakes! Get a chance to make a 15-yard throw for $1 Million dollars during some of the biggest college football games of the season. Visit www.EckrichFootball.com to enter for a chance to win! Visit Eckrich.com to find out about their wide variety of flavors and cuts, including rope and links, and where you can buy Eckrich Smoked Sausage near you.

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