Smart Living w/ Jennifer Jolly

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Smarter living means better living! Tech to enhance just about every aspect of our lives in really significant ways.


So let's start with something unexpected, the Phonak Marvel Connected Hearing Aid. These are the world's first with universal bluetooth connectivity - meaning they can help with smartphones, TV's, voice assistants like Alexa - all that new tech so many of us take for granted. Super discreet ... they deliver clear, rich & natural stereo sound - especially amazing in noisy environments like restaurants. They are also completely rechargeable so no more changing tiny batteries! Click here to learn more.

LIFX Wi-Fi LED Smart Lights

The smart home starts with just one light - LIFX Wi-Fi enabled LED Smart Lighting is crazy-easy and super awesome. They can adapt your home to suit the time of day and whatever you're doing! They can match your mood, improve your sleep, turn on and off remotely or on a schedule - and work as visual alarms or even alerts to tell you when it's raining! All you need to use your lights is your smartphone or tablet or your voice and your normal home Wi-Fi. Click here to learn more.

Xfinity xFi Pods

Wi-Fi is like oxygen for the digital home - so when it doesn't work, say in the kitchen, bedroom, or even garage ... it's so frustrating! The fix? Xfinity Xfi and these cool Xfi pods to help extend fast, wall-to-wall coverage throughout your entire home. I have these in my house and it's made a world of difference! These small pods just plug into any electrical outlet, and instantly pair with your Xfinity Xfi gateway to create a mesh Wi-Fi network that blankets your home with reliable coverage everywhere. No room left behind! Click here to learn more.

Caavo Control Center

Another common problem? Remote rage! Having to deal with half a dozen remote controls just to watch something on TV - the worst! The Caavo Control Center fixes that in an instant, so you need just this one voice-activated device for everything connected to your TV like cable, streaming, YouTube, Airplay, Chromecast. Connect up to four devices plus a sound bar or sound system and just say what you want to watch. The Control Center takes you straight to the show, no need to search through multiple apps and services. Click here to learn more.

Sphero Bolt

With all these smart toys for adults - we can't forget about the kids! The Sphero Bolt is an at-home educational robot that makes programming super fun for kids ages 8 and up. Featuring advanced sensors and a LED matrix, this app-enabled bot offers endless chances to create and customize games like PacMan and learn to code by drawing on your screen! What I love the most? It gets kids excited about learning and coding - but it's so much fun! They don't eve realize how good it is for their budding brains! Click here to learn more.

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