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4th of July Grilling with Chef Matt Moore (Sponsored)

To make grilling simple use Hillshire Farm fully-cooked Smoked Sausage to add excitement to everyday meals like these mouth-watering Zesty Italian Smoked Sausage Kabobs. Does the combination of mouthwatering spices deliver out of this world flavor that’s quintessential for your summer? “Oh, Hill yeah!” And if you’re on the go, check out the Hillshire® Snacking Small Plates and Snacking Bistro Bites. Each package contains high-quality ingredients – like savory salame, delicious cheese and perfectly toasted round – perfect for a premium and convenient adult snacking experience. Visit or to learn more.

I love to grill, and one of my favorite sides to make is NC Sweetpotatoes. Did you know that sweetpotatoes is actually one word? Simply cut into wedges and mix with taco seasoning, then throw them on the grill to give them a beautiful caramelization. Or you can make easy sweetpotato fries using your air fryer. I use NC Sweetpotatoes because they are nutrient-dense with Vitamins A, C, fiber and antioxidants. Perfect for any diet, they’re sweetened from the earth and low in calories. Use them year round, they have a long shelf life and they stay delicious. Visit to learn more.

Another classic favorite is Bush’s Baked Beans - they’re the sure side of a good time. Bush’s Baked Beans have a distinct, yet complementary flavor that pairs perfectly with hamburgers and hot dogs. Whether you’re opening a can of Original, Brown Sugar Hickory or any other variety, it’s like opening a can of summer. They also have a new recipe - Bush’s Zero Sugar Added Baked Beans - same iconic flavor you love, but without the added sugar. Visit to learn more.

My new book, Butcher on the Block is now out, just in time for bbq and grilling season. The book features over 125 recipes including meat, game, seafood and vegetables too! Pick up a copy wherever books are sold. Get it on!

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