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Sports are Back with Bob Guiney

Everything looks a little different now, even sports. Good news is sports are returning but probably not with spectators. So I’ve created the perfect game day setup where the best seats in the house will be right from your own sofa. Think of that: no one slopping beer down your back as they cheer and no need to cover the kids ears if things go awry.

For the best view of the game on the planet, the LG CX OLED TV has unrivaled picture quality that scores points with sports fans, gamers and film buffs alike. The TV features a Sports Alert that keeps track of your favorite teams and schedules and notifies you as soon as a team scores. Additionally, for that full dynamic stadium sound, position your favorite Bluetooth speakers around you and the TV will link to them. It also has Alexa and the Google Assistant built in allowing you to find out information mid-game. And remember, LG’s 4K OLED TV lineup sports different sizes and models ranging from 48” to 77” for any and every sports fan out there. To learn more visit

LG’s InstaView Range with Air Fry lets you see inside your oven without even opening the door – simply knock twice on the unique glass window and it lights up. No more repeatedly opening the door to check cooking progress. Step up your food options and air fry your wings, make sweet potato fries – just 2 guiltless options. Don’t miss the big play! With their AI-enabled customer service solution, Proactive Customer Care, get alerts and maintenance tips to help keep your oven in perfect order and avoid potential issues. Connect your smart range to LG’s advanced ThinQ app on your smartphone so you can set timers or check the status of your food -- or do it hands free with Alexa and the Google Assistant. Click here to learn more.

In peak summer season and in the midst of COVID-19, it’s crucial that we all maintain proper hydration for overall health as well as immune system health. Many athletes like Essentia Influencer Kansas City Chiefs’ Quarterback and Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes II, know the importance of hydrating for health and performance. In fact, he keeps Essentia Water, an ionized alkaline water that is better at rehydrating with him both on and off the field. A unique ionization process gives it a pH of 9.5 or higher, making for superior hydration and a clean, smooth taste. Essentia has conducted several studies, one involving firefighters and another in a journal of sports that showed the water to be better at rehydrating. Click here to learn more.

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