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Back to School Meals and Snacks with Colleen Burns

Summer is over and families are rushing in every direction to get to school, work, and extracurricular activities. Good thing our lifestyle expert and "Mom on the Run" Colleen Burns is here to show us how to handle the Back to School craze!

Dewey's Bakery

If you’re like me you want whatever you serve your kids to taste homemade even if it’s not. So, I was thrilled to discover Dewey’s Bakery Soft Baked Cookies. They’re honestly the best kept secret because they’re made by this North Carolina bakery that’s been around for 90 years, but now they’re available at your local grocery store. The flavors are amazing: like lemon bar and brown butter chocolate chip. They have clean ingredients without preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. So if I don’t have time to bake, this is the next best thing!

Kentucky Legend

I keep pre-sliced smoked ham and turkey in my fridge, which is a lifesaver during the week! There’s a reason Kentucky Legend is the number one retailer of sliced, boneless ham and turkey .The ham is double-smoked in natural juices for this great rich flavor, and the turkey is just 60 calories and one gram of fat per serving. They’re already seasoned and sliced so I can have a little sandwich bar ready for the kids after school. The meat stays fresh for 7-10 days after opening in the fridge, so just think how many meals you could make in minutes.


Of course we always have Sun-Maid yogurt-covered raisins on hand as an easy snack for the road, but now they’re even better. How about these fun new mash-ups of Chocolate and Vanilla, or Strawberry and Vanilla. My kids crave them, and I approve because they’re made with whole fruit and non-GMO. Find them in your store’s dried fruit section.

Lindsay Olives Snack and Go!

Here’s another convenient snack you and your kids will love. New Lindsay Snack and Go Olives! are the perfect portable snack that are low in carbs and high in Omega 3s. And the best part, they are liquid-free which means no mess. A total must for lunchboxes and in kiddos’ backpacks for a healthy snack between school and soccer practice. And I love to pack a few in my carry-on bag for a smart snack on the plane.

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