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Back to School Snacks and Hacks with Colleen Burns (Sponsored)

Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Burns, has our ultimate guide of hacks and snack ideas for parents, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for the whole family during this "Back to School" season!

I know I’m not the only person who realizes, "Wait a minute I can order everything from DoorDash and get it in crazy fast time, WHY would I keep driving to stores especially with kids in tow?" But this is the first time I realized I could order school supplies thru door dash. Brilliant! And now DoorDash just launched its first-ever immersive Back-to-School Hub, featuring a selection of school supplies, lunch and pantry staples delivered to your home in under an hour on average! Plus with Dashpass members pay zero dollars for delivery and have access to exclusive savings. Get up to 30% off from Staples, Dick's Sporting Goods, Aldi and more. So to get an A for no effort go to slash back to school delivery!

Your kids are working HARD growing their bodies and minds, choose snacks wisely. That’s why we always have raisins on hand at our house. Sun-Maid raisins are made with whole fruit and they’re one of a very few better for you snacks that actually taste good. Sun-Maid has teamed up with to not only feed your kids’ hungry bellies but hungry minds as well. Look for special packaging on 6-pack cartons with a link to limited edition coloring pages, worksheets and 120 sight word flashcards to help you combine snack time with learning time. Go to to learn more! Available at Target and Wal-Mart.

Here’s another smart choice for not only snacks but quick weeknight meals. Pecans are a nutrition powerhouse! Another snack that not only is good for you, but tastes good too! Don’t you love it when you don’t have to talk your kids into doing something smart? Use pecans in easy snack recipes like no bake German chocolate energy bites which can be made in 10 minutes and stored in the refrigerator for a quick after school snack. And ramp up your dinner recipes by adding crunch as well as extra nutrients like this Mac and cheese with a cheese and pecan crumb topping. I like to add broccoli to this recipe as well. Sneak it in when you can right? Find these recipes at

It’s really important to make sure your kids have a comprehensive eye exam. That’s not the same as the basic screening they will get at school, and get this— Too much screen time is likely contributing to a rapid increase in Myopia or nearsightedness in kids. In fact the American Academies of Ophthalmology and Optometry are calling Myopia an epidemic. FIFTY percent of North America’s population will be Myopic by 2030. But, you can be proactive! Ask your eye doctor about MiSIght - it’s the only FDA approved treatment for Myopia. These once a day contact lenses prevent the abnormal lengthening of children's eyeballs that causes myopia. Visit - for more details.

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