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Back to School with Tech Expert, Trisha Hershberger

When it comes to back to school, we’re all trying to eek out those last precious moments of summer, so why not make the most of it by letting the iRobot Roomba i3+ robot vacuum clean up the mess at home? Thanks to iRobot Genius software, the Roomba i3+ gets smarter over time and the quality of clean is top notch as the patented dual rubber brush pulls in dirt and pet hair from hard floors and carpets and even filters out 99% of cat and dog allergens. And the best part? The Roomba i3+ empties itself when it’s done! Whether you are a parent looking to make the most of the last moments of summer or a college student looking for an easy way to keep your dorm clean, the iRobot Roomba i3+ has you covered. Click here to learn more.

For in-classroom use, one of the new gadgets I see getting a lot of buzz is the Kodak Luma 400 Portable HD Smart Projector. It’s pocket size but is equipped with 1280x720p native Resolution, even supporting up to 4k, allowing you to project on a screen up to 150” - so indoor or outdoor presentations, you’re covered! It comes with a tripod for easy mounting and even has Android 9.0 Smart OS so you can stream from your favorite apps when you are done with all that homework. Click here to learn more.

Another hot item for students this year is Slack. I know most people think of slack for offices, but it turns out over 3,000 higher education institutions have turned to slack to keep classes and campus affairs running smoothly. From video conferencing and file sharing to learning management systems and more, Slack can keep students connected and engaged, even when learning is being done remotely. Click here to learn more.

Now one thing I definitely didn’t get enough education about in school was money management! In fact 3 out of 4 teens say they don’t feel knowledgeable about personal finances and want to learn more. Greenlight is a service on a mission to help kids and teens learn to earn, save, spend wisely and invest through a dedicated app and debit card designed just for them. Parents can automate allowance, manage chores, and empower kids on the path to financial independence - and with plans starting at just $4.99, that’s a wise investment for the whole family. Click here to learn more.

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