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CES 2021 with Andrea Smith

CES is the place to get a look at the latest tech innovations we’ll be seeing in the coming year. The big trends this year have a lot to do with how we’ve had to turn our homes into offices and schools.

LG knows we’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen these days and their new InstaView Door-in-Door side-by-side fridges have some cool new upgrades like the ability to make large craft ice spheres for drinks. They’ve added UV nano technology in the water dispenser nozzle to help decrease bacteria and increased the size of the InstaView window. Knock twice to see inside then grab what you want using the door-in-door without opening the whole fridge. Great for kids running in for snacks and drinks! Click here to learn more.

LG also unveiled its 2021 LG gram laptop lineup which expands upon last year's award-winning models. The LG gram 17 has a stylish new design, up to 19.5 hours of battery life and a productivity-boosting 16:10 screen aspect ratio, making it the ideal laptop for students and entrepreneurs alike. It has the largest screen of any ultra-lightweight laptop which means you can see and do more on that stunning 17-inch screen. You’ll get vivid colors and sharp, clear images whether you’re working on spread sheets, schoolwork, or streaming a video. And since it’s so lightweight, you can move your work-from-home environment effortlessly and even take it on the road! Click here to learn more.

The innovative form factor of LG WING, the world's first 5G swivel smartphone, is ideal for multi-tasking, gaming, and creating or sharing videos. It may look like a typical smartphone but when you slide the display, it transforms with Swivel Mode. This 90 degree rotation reveals a smaller second screen. Switching between modes is seamless so you get more screen real estate when you need it but a compact device when you don't. I can watch a video while I text a friend on the other screen, check my email while I navigate to a location on the other screen and so much more. It also has impressive camera tools like a built-in gimbal feature to keep your videos steady when you are on the move. Click here to learn more.

With kids going to school online this past year, parents are looking for ways to entertain and engage kids away from the computer. The Toniebox is a screen-free digital listening experience designed to foster creativity and imagination in kids 3 and up. It’s a soft, squeezable, five-inch speaker cube that works with Tonies - figurines containing hours of content from classic storybook tales like Pinocchio to Pixar favorites like Frozen and The Lion King. With kids going to school online this past year, parents are looking for ways to entertain and engage kids away from the computer. Click here to learn more.

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