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CES 2023 with Tech Expert, Katie Linendoll (Sponsored)

This is always a big week in the tech world with tons of product unveils. And lets start with something that’s always a key trend and was once again this year – laptops and gaming.

Exciting news for gamers as ACER announced the new Nitro 16 gaming laptop. Consumers now want high powered systems --- and the Nitro 16 has you covered with all the tech specs that you need lead by a powerful AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processor and up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPU to give you the best gaming experience and performance.

Also onboard for the powerful unit tons of storage and ports needed to plug in ancillary devices. Intel Killer WiFi for high speed connectivity and games look amazing on the 16inch display --- the monitor is a huge upgrade for Acer and providing stunning visuals for games video and photos at an amazing price point. Also just a bit of a bonus the Nitro 16 includes one month of Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass, providing access to hundreds of high-quality PC games. Sneak peek on this one not out yet – so stay tuned or for more head to

Year over year we are realizing the critical importance of sleep another big theme at CES. On the forefront of this data science is Sleep Number. Sleep Number just introduced

The Sleep Number Climate360 smart bed is the first and only* sleep solution to help address temperature concerns, the bed keeps you at your ideal temperature all throughout the night. It actively warms and cools the area immediately surrounding you for deeper, more restful sleep

According to a Sleep Number survey, when it comes to couples regulating temperature 80% of couples reporting one or both partners sleep too hot or cold. Climate 360 allows you to personalize for each side of the bed.

Talk about future forward – it uses a proprietary sleep system that accurately tracks average heart rate, average breathing rate and body motion using research-grade sensors to monitor and help improve an individual’s health over time.

And a profound quote by Sleep Number from a customer-- it helps me tell my doctor if my insomnia medicine is working – pretty powerful stuff!

Available now in store or at

Lets talk lighting of the future with a leader in the smart home industry called Govee.

As I noted earlier gaming is big at CES and has advanced so much over the years but now it takes your game play to a whole new level with the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit which allows you to actually sync your game play with your lighting.

This creates an immersive first to market light environment bringing your on-screen moments to life via corresponding real-time lighting effects, made possible with Govee’s proprietary AI algorithm called CogniGlow. The technology is incredibly precise with perfect-matching lighting effects and smooth gameplay at the same time making the game play so immersive and realistic. Stay tuned for product availability! Click here to learn more.

The flying car ---is it finally a reality? Say hello to the Aska A5. Available for pre-order. Roughly the size of an SUV – it is the world's first four-seater electric vehicle that can travel by land or air and up to 250 miles on a charge. Aska A5 fits in existing parking spaces, can be charged at an EV station and also runs on regular gas. There are also plans for rideshare as early as 2026 so your uber ride might just be leveling up. Click here to learn more.

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