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College Game Day Homegating with Chef Matt Moore

Prep early and let your guests make their own drinks with this: The Bartesian Duet, is Bartesian's newest, most compact smart home cocktail maker. It makes more than 50 cocktails PERFECTLY. The fully recyclable capsules contain all of the real juices, bitters, and extracts needed for a perfectly balanced cocktail, with nothing artificial. The quality of ingredients makes all the difference. Simply put in the capsule of the drink you want to make, use the new, interactive rotary dial to select the strength and press the button for a delicious margarita, Cosmopolitan, Whiskey Sour, or my favorite, the Old Fashioned. (Guests may prefer using it to watching the game). Now, exclusively at you can save $50

To make sure your guests enjoy their favorite classic recipes and save time, let the guests make the burgers the way they like. Prep for a steakhouse bacon burger and have chicken and a variety of toppings. But whatever you do, use Nature's Own Brioche Style Hamburger Buns. They’re a must-have to enhance any burger or sandwich. I like to use them because they have a soft texture and subtle sweetness, plus, they're made with better-for-you ingredients. Look for them at stores nationwide. Click here to learn more.

Here's a great snack and it does double-duty as a favorite burger topper - Wholly Guacamole, it's my go-to. It's ready-made with hand-scooped Hass avocados and no preservatives added. It’s flavorful as a topper or as a dip with veggies and chips. Knowing it's non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and Big 8 allergen-free, you and your guests can focus on your team. Find it at local stores. Click here to learn more.

Matt Moore, known as a barbecue master, invites food enthusiasts and curious home cooks to embark on a flavorful adventure with his latest book, "Butcher on the Block." Through his expert guidance, Moore takes readers on a journey that demystifies the art of butchery, unlocking the secrets to mastering the techniques and flavors that make meat truly shine. Get his latest book here.

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