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E3 Gaming and Tech with Trisha Hershberger

How can we make our entertainment more enjoyable without spending a fortune?

If you’re looking for great audio check out the new plug and play THX Onyx portable DAC Amp. Remember that great sound you heard in Star Wars? Well, THX is the company the legendary George Lucas founded and now they’re bringing that great sound to everyone. Just plug any headphones with a 3.5mm jack into the THX Onyx, then plug the THX Onyx into your favorite device - smartphone, laptop, or desktop, via USB port, and you will enjoy fuller, richer “Lossless” sound. It will make a huge difference in your gaming, music and movies. You’ll hear things you didn’t hear before in all your entertainment - notes, whispers, enemy footsteps. You won’t go back to regular audio after this! Go to for more information.

What trends should we look for at this year’s big gaming expo?

Immersion in the game is huge and nothing does it like a larger screen with the performance features of a hi-end gaming monitor. I like the LG 48C1 OLED TV because it reacts like a monitor but has deeper black levels for me to zero in and see what might be sneaking up on me in the game. It uses HDMI 2.1 to avoid flickering, tearing and stuttering and to get the higher resolution and refresh rates that newer gaming consoles are capable of putting out. This 48” LG OLED has been engineered for next-gen gaming supporting NVIDIA® G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync technology to give me an edge with less lag, high-refresh rate and incredible responsiveness with 120fps. LG OLEDs are available up to 83 inches! And when you aren't being mesmerized by the gaming experience LG OLED delivers, this TV is also tops for movies and sports too! For more info, visit

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