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Easter Eats & Treats with Chef Jamie Gwen

Global flavors are a huge trend this year and there's something about Spring that makes me want to try new foods. Tata Raasa brings a decadent range of delicious, ready-to-eat Indian meals, crafted with authentic sauces, flavors and spices and ready to eat in just 60 seconds. Inspired by the finest restaurants and hotels in India there are four tasty varieties, including Royal Black Lentils, Rich Coconut Lentils, Regal Chickpea Tikka and Majestic Red Bean Curry. Use them as a main dish for an easy weeknight meal or a quick lunch by adding rice or naan. Or add them as a side dish to expand the flavor profile of your holiday table. Click here to learn more.

As someone who loves a tasty and fun appetizer, I love these Mediterranean Deviled Eggs. They’re so easy to pull together for a family dinner or holiday party. The flavors of the Kalamata and the new Castelvetrano olives blend perfectly with the egg for a twist on the traditional recipe. I love Pearls Olives because I can count on the quality. From traditional sliced black olives to a full line of imported Specialties varieties, Pearls has a wide variety - choose from Kalamatas to gourmet olives stuffed with garlic or blue cheese. Each olive is hand-picked and hand-stuffed and all are the perfect choice to add flavor to any meal. Click here to learn more.

Can’t forget about dessert. These are my new favorite spoonable dessert treats. Jar Joy is a unique high quality multi-layered dessert that comes in a jar. So many delicious flavors like Peanut Butter Cup which has Chocolate Cookie Cake Crumbles, Whipped Peanut Butter Cream - finished on top with Rich & Silky Swiss Chocolate. Or try raspberry cheesecake, salted caramel brownie, or mississippi mud pie. Each jar of joy is just the right portion size and contains premium ingredients like Whole milk, Real cocoa powder, Real butter, or Real fruit preserves. Click here to learn more.

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