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Easter Toys and Games with Trisha Hershberger

Discover the wonder of nature and science with the Creativity for Kids craft kits. Award-winning and highly engaging, the Creativity for Kids line has a wide variety of activities for girls and boys. The Grow 'N Glow Terrarium allows your child to craft, plant, decorate, water, and grow your own mini terrarium. Or try the Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit where they can paint, decorate, and hide 10 glow-in-the-dark painted rocks. Click here to learn more.

To help champion girls’ creative confidence, the LEGO Group is rolling out its biggest ever campaign encouraging girls to Play Unstoppable. In April, all LEGO stores across the US will host free workshops aimed at young creators aged 6-12. Kids will create and decorate their own LEGO® photo frame to show off their creative accomplishments. Space is limited so to register for a free ticket to attend, please visit Look for more workshops coming later in the year!

Enjoy Screen-Free Playtimes & Stress-Free Bedtimes with Storypod. Not just entertaining but educational - Storypod is the only learning-first audio play system that makes learning fun. It grows with your child. Play stimulating music for babies, reading & stories for preschoolers, podcasts and trivia decks for 5+. Or Recordable iCrafties allow family and friends to record their own stories and StoryStickers to turn kids' favorite books into personalized audiobooks. Great bedtime routine tool to soothe kids to sleep with bedtime sounds, songs, and stories. Click here to learn more.

Open-ended play has so many benefits for kids and FOLKMANIS is the world leader in wildlife puppets. With designs based on nature and fantasy, the puppets allow kids to imagine any character or enact any scenario they dream encouraging interaction between caregiver & child. Puppets inspire expression, interaction, and cooperation, and can help the child develop social skills. Can also be a play-alone toy – As the child enacts favorite stories, fantasy play, or processes reactions to current events in their lives. Click here to learn more.

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