Flu? Tech to the Rescue

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It seems like the whole world has become more health focused, thanks to double whammy of the health care debate and the H1N1 virus. And there are new high-tech ways to allow you to take better control of your health—and to stay on top of school and work obligations if the flu strikes in your area. Here are links to some great new technologies to try:

Vitality’s wifi-enabled prescription caps beep (and call your phone) to remind you to take them—and they can send weekly updates to a family member or doctor so they can keep tabs on how well you’re adhering to your program. They can also automatically order a refill when you need more. Ringful’s mobile apps enable you to connect to your health records, find medical information and eventually, will allow you to log workouts and heart health information, all from your smartphone.

And if telecommuting becomes an option—or a necessity—for you and your kids due to an outbreak of the flu there are several options for keeping up with work or school remotely. Skype’s services allow you to not only call anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world for low rates—you can also use their cool video conferencing tools to meet in a virtual (germ-free) environment. Go To My PC lets you log into your work (or home) computer from anywhere in the world, and access necessary files. And School Web Lockers offers fabulous file-sharing capabilities to schools and students, allowing them to send and receive homework assignments, classwork and share group projects online.

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