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Health & Wellness Tips with Colleen Burns (Sponsored)

Lifestyle expert, Colleen Burns, has some great tips to stay healthy and active for your body & mind.

has launched a new virtual physical therapy program. Great news because 50% of us experience back, knee or shoulder pain. Through the Kaia Health app, eligible UnitedHealthcare members can access 24/7, on-demand physical therapy exercises. The app uses artificial intelligence to provide feedback so your movements are done correctly, and you can even get additional support from a health coach. Click here to learn more.

And here's a way to reach out to seniors who have suffered more from isolation and depression during the pandemic. Mynd-VR uses a headset like this to let seniors reminisce about a favorite vacation with loved ones or experience a bucket list trip to create new memories. Through VR, seniors can live outside their four walls. Veterans can even experience a virtual pinning ceremony in Washington DC. Click here to learn more.

How about working out in the metaverse? Liteboxer has created a brand new VR boxing workout that can be done anywhere--when traveling or even in between conference calls at home. Using this headset you're led through workouts by a trainer while listening to some of today's hottest music. If you're not quite ready for the metaverse, Liteboxer still offers a stand up or wall mounted boxing workout that's more like a game than real work! Click here to learn more.

We're taking care of our health and staying fit, so we don't want to ruin it with a bad diet. Right now is the perfect time to try an air fryer or maybe even upgrade to a bigger model. Costco has a crazy deal on Gourmia's 7 quart air fryer. Just 39.99 in store or 49.99 on line through April 10th. I've looked and you can't find an air fryer with these features at a better price. It's a perfect Mother's Day gift, so get that done early this year! Get yours here!

And here's an easy way to supplement your nutrition and drink more water. Blueshift Nutrition is the world's first hydro nutrient system. 14 different pods you just add to their cutting-edge water bottle with a built-in blending technology and you're getting ten times the nutrients compared to a pill or gummy. Plus, artisanal flavors that make taking your supplements a lot more enjoyable. Click here to learn more.

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