Holiday Entertaining with Chef Matt Moore (sponsored)

I like to start with a cocktail and this is the Bartesian at home, smart cocktail maker. It knows how to make over 50+ premium cocktails perfectly, including classics like Margaritaas and Old Fashioneds. You simply fill these four cannisters with any brand of alcohol you’d like, put in a cocktail capsule, select your drink strength, press a button, and you have a delicious cocktail in under 30 seconds. The capsules contain all of the real juices, bitters, and extracts needed for a perfect cocktail, with nothing artificial. Best of all, their Black Friday deal is now live, exclusively at where you can save $100 – their best deal ever!

And for the main course I like to do a smoked turkey as a protein. Cooking it low and slow smoking is a simple way to ensure the bird turns out juicy and tender without heating up the kitchen by using a grill and smoker. My favorite way to do this is to spatchcock the bird (cut out the backbone) so that it lays flat, ensuring that the white and dark meat cook at the same time.

On the side, I can't live without mashed potatoes - but you can pull double duty and put russet potatoes on the smoker to cook for a few hours with the bird. Once they are cooked tender, a couple of hours at 250 degrees, you can peel them (or leave the peels on), and mash them by hand with salt, pepper, milk, butter, and garlic.

Here’s a fun entertaining tip you and your guests will love – serve decadent hot chocolate with the Capresso froth TS automatic milk frother. With its simple one-touch operation – just select cold froth, hot froth or hot chocolate and add any type of milk—cow’s milk, almond, soy, etc. to the pitcher. It has an exclusive hot chocolate function for rich, frothy hot chocolate using chocolate chips - just add them directly into the pitcher during frothing. It also creates thick, creamy milk foam for your favorite coffee beverages. It comes with delicious recipes and is available at Crate&Barrel and

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