Black Friday Finds

The Pulse smartpen from Livescribe The Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle at Toshiba SV670 LED TV Little Mommy Walk & Giggle Doll Computrace LoJack for Laptops The new BlackBerry Curve
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Entertaining During “These” Holidays

May you live in interesting times” is the old Chinese curse and well, we’re living in them. It’s been a tough year for many Americans and bringing family and friends together can be the perfect salve as long as we don’t get stuck in the kitchen. Marc Silverstein from the Fine Living Network will show us how we can have a Read More

You Can Be a Smart Shopper….

…you really can. Manoush Robin, contributor to has some of the smart buys of the holiday shopping season for us and she’s bringing them to us earlier than last year. If you didn’t hear, retailers are cutting the amount of stock they will have on hand this year and for consumers that means less to choose from Read More
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