2023 Holiday Entertaining


Holiday Entertaining with Chef Jamie Gwen (Sponsored)

I like to start with the right tools to make a delicious cocktail. I use Bartesian. This at home smart cocktail maker allows me to enjoy holiday entertaining more. It makes over 50+ premium cocktails. The fully recyclable capsules contain all of the real juices, bitters, and extracts needed for a perfectly balanced cocktail, with nothing
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Healthy Holidays with Colleen Burns (Sponsored)

Navigating holiday meals, especially if you have diabetes or pre diabetes can be very difficult, but there's help. The Idaho Potato Commission is the first vegetable to partner with The American Diabetes Association to crack the code of plating a meal. This is what you want. Half the plate vegetables, one quarter protein, and the rest grains or a Read More
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Tech for the Holidays with Trisha Hershberger (Sponsored)

When it comes to gift-shopping at the holidays consumers always want to spend less but they may also be sitting on a pile of cash in their drawers at home. This holiday season, you can sell your unused photo and video gear to MPB, the largest global platform for buying, selling, and trading used photo and video gear. According to research Read More
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