Easter 2023 Set


Spring Eats and Easter Treats with Chef Jamie Gwen (Sponsored)

Butter is a crucial ingredient for flaky pie crusts, rich sauces, fluffy cakes and would you believe my secret ingredient in delicious deviled eggs?! Not all butters are the same. I like to use Challenge Butter because it is made with freshly churned cream from family farmer-owned dairies for more than a century. I use it on my honey-glazed hams and spring vegetables. And you can also get their spreadable butter which is perfect on rolls or a fresh baguette as it spreads easily right out of the fridge. Click here to learn more.

From BBQs to baked ham, these sweet baked beans are the perfect pairing for all your traditional holiday dishes. I like the Bush’s Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans because they’re slow-cooked to perfection in a sweet sauce seasoned with brown sugar, mustard, and a touch of hickory flavor. And you must try their newest Bush’s Zero Sugar Added Baked Beans. They have all of the iconic Bush’s flavor you love, without the added sugar. Click here to learn more.

And for holiday feasts, I love making these olive focaccia rolls using Pearls Black Ripe Olives and Pimento-Stuffed Queen Olives. They’re easy to put together but look so beautiful on the table, and the buttery flavor and freshness of the olives give an instant upgrade to your basic dinner roll or bread basket. Pearls is America’s favorite olive for good reason: from California-grown black ripe olives, or Mediterranean Grown Specialties like Kalamata or my favorite olives stuffed with blue cheese, there’s an olive for every occasion. They’re a family-owned company so know that when you share with family and friends, you’re sharing the best. Click here to learn more.

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