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Spring Grilling with Chef Matt Moore (Sponsored)

Weber’s new Lumin electric grill helps those with small outdoor spaces, like city dwellers (who may not be allowed to use traditional grills) enjoy a true outdoor grilling experience. Through a ton of consumer feedback, Weber created an electric grill unlike any other. This highly versatile, 5-in-1 outdoor electric grill sears, smokes, steams, warms, and even defrosts food. I can sear kabobs at 600 degrees and steam green beans at the same time. It’s compact and comes in a variety of colors like these. Click here to learn more.

Flavor your summer dishes in a bold new way this BBQ season and beyond. One of my new go-to pantry staples to add a flavorful Mexican twist, is HERDEZ® Chipotle Salsa Cremosa. Pour this creamy, delicious and versatile salsa over grilled shrimp, like we have here (you can also use with chicken or pork!), then top it off with HERDEZ® Traditional Guacamole—made with clean, simple ingredients following an authentic Mexican recipe handed down for generations. Another easy recipe tip to really impress guests this summer is to incorporate your grilled shrimp onto a tostada. Simply top the tortilla with guac and add the grilled shrimp and some cilantro. The makers of HERDEZ® provide an easy way to elevate your summer menus and offer a variety of other delicious products to make any gathering memorable. Click here to learn more.

One of my favorites is Bush’s Baked Beans - they’re the sure side of a good time. Their distinct, yet complementary flavors pair perfectly with hamburgers and hot dogs. Whether you’re opening a can of Original, or Brown Sugar Hickory or any other variety, it’s like opening a can of summer. They also have a new recipe - Bush’s Zero Sugar Added Baked Beans - same iconic flavor you love, but without the added sugar. Click here to learn more.

Now here’s my chef’s tip - this Memorial Day or anytime you’re grilling, ditch the greasy chips for one of my favorite snacks - Wonderful Pistachios. Their No Shells product line has a ton of varieties like Chili Roasted, Honey Roasted, Sea Salt & Vinegar and Smoky Barbecue. And this summer, Wonderful Pistachios just released a new No Shells Sea Salt & Pepper flavor. With 6g of protein per serving they’re healthy and flavorful. Click here to learn more.

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