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Tailgating With NFL Legend Marcus Spears and Louisiana Fish Fry (Sponsored)

Football season is almost here, ESPN NFL football analyst and Louisiana Fish Fry Products’ Chief Fry Officer, Marcus Spears, will be talking about everything from his favorite tailgating foods to his predictions for the upcoming football season. Below is a conversation between Marcus and news anchors nationwide!

Marcus: You know Louisiana Fish Fry Products is my personal favorite. I grew up in Louisiana with Louisiana Fish Fry Products at the table for as long as I can remember. So you could say I’ve got what it takes to be Chief Fry Officer and help others bring the Louisiana flavor and spice to the kitchen.

Anchor: Amazing. With football season coming up, can you tell us what you like to enjoy before or during the game?

Marcus: One word: chicken. Louisiana Fish Fry Products doesn’t just make the best fish fry, it also makes the #1 chicken fry! We’ve made these new “At Home” fried chicken mixes that are so easy to cook up.

So skip the drive-thru and make crispy fried chicken dishes at home with these At Home Chicken products. It’s cheaper than fast food, easy to make, and tastes even better.

We’ve got something for everyone.

  • The Mild Chicken Tenders. They’re seasoned just right and deliver a perfect, crisp bite every time.
  • The Original Chicken Sandwich is better than any sandwich you can get at the drive-thru. It’s crispy and it’s crunchy. Add some pickles, coleslaw, mayo, and boom. Delicious.
  • But these Spicy Chicken Wings are my favorite. Trust me, they pack a punch. Bursting with heat and flavor, these are delicious on their own or dipped in any sauce.

They’re all made for skillet frying so anyone can do this at home with easy clean up. No deep fryers or frying experience needed! That’s a win-win for me.

Anchor: Yum! Ok, now that we’ve got our main dish, what are your favorite sides that we should be making to complement fried chicken?

Marcus: Can’t forget the sides. In Louisiana, we’re known for our cajun seasoning, and Louisiana Fish Fry Products has the best one. This stuff is good on everything, like these spiced jalapeno duck poppers or, for my 21 and older football fans, this spicy cajun margarita.

Anchor: Thank you, Marcus. Everything looks delicious. Do you have any final cooking tips or tricks for tailgating season?

Marcus: Of course! They don’t call me Chef Swagu for nothing.

When you’re heating your oil to make fried chicken, get it to reach 350 degrees. You’ll know it’s ready when you sprinkle a little coating mix in the pan and it sizzles, but doesn’t burn.

You’ll also want to use a cast iron skillet for that perfect crisp. Cover the skillet as you fry to keep that perfect heat every time.

Anchor: Before we let you go, give us your early predictions for the upcoming college football season. Any matchups you’re most looking forward to this fall? How are your LSU Tigers looking this year?

Marcus: Marcus will ad lib

Anchor: Great. And where should we go for more information about Louisiana Fish Fry Products?

Marcus: For all of these recipes and more visit or head to your local grocer to find them near you.

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