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Tech Expert, Suzanne Kantra Partners With Zagg to Share the New iPhone Must-Haves

The new iPhones are expensive, but there are ways to pay less. If you've kept your current phone in good condition, you can trade it in for hundreds of dollars from trade-in services, bringing your out of pocket cost for a new iPhone down significantly. For instance, you can get $410 for an iPhone X that is scratch-free and crack-free. A few scratches will drop the price to $369, visible scratches drop the value to $250, and cracks drop the value to $81.

Also, we all know repairs can be costly, especially if you haven’t paid for AppleCare. Screens start at $129 for older models and go up to $329. You'll definitely need a protective case, like these by Gear4, is essential. They use a shock-absorbing material found in military and professional athletic gear called D3O that protects phones from drops up to 20 feet. In its basic form, D3O is soft like silly putty until it’s hit. Then, it absorbs the impact energy making it momentarily hard, which further protects your phone. The benefit is that consumers can own a stylish, slim case instead of a thick, bulky case and still get better protection.

A screen protector to guard against scratches and cracked screens is also a must, like this InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+. Staring at a phone for hours can tire your eyes and lead to digital eye strain. In addition to protecting your screen, InvisibleShield safeguards your eyes from blue light, but doesn’t change the colors you see. And, it has an anti-bacterial agent that kills 99.99% of bacteria infused into the glass, so it won’t wear out. That’s good news because according to the CDC, 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands and we touch our phones all the time.

As more phones, including iPhones, have built-in wireless charging, we’re seeing increased interest in wireless chargers, like mophie’s charge stream pad+. No more plugging in cables, just set your phone down and charging begins immediately. It’s that simple.

For portable power, these mophie Powerstations let you charge two devices at once from anywhere. And, they come in a variety of attractive colors including navy blue and pink. For more portability, the Juice Pack Access cases have a battery built-in with enough power to get you through your day.

You can save on these essential accessories by looking for bundles. For instance, Verizon, which sells all of these products, has bundle deals that can save you up to $90 when you buy three accessories.

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