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Manufacturing Game Day Footballs for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl represents the pinnacle of American football. It is a moment that millions of fans from around the world eagerly anticipate each year, and the game itself represents the culmination of months of hard work and dedication by the best football teams. One crucial aspect of the Super Bowl game is the football, and manufacturing game day footballs for the Super Bowl is an intricate process that requires expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Every year, the National Football League (NFL) selects a company to produce the game day footballs used in the Super Bowl. For the past several decades, Wilson Sporting Goods has been the exclusive manufacturer of NFL footballs and has produced the official game day footballs for the Super Bowl.

The process of manufacturing game day footballs for the Super Bowl starts several months before the big game. Wilson Sporting Goods has a dedicated team that works to ensure that the footballs are of the highest quality possible and meet all NFL specifications. The manufacturing process is divided into several stages, including leather selection, cutting, stitching, and quality control.

The leather used to make the footballs is specifically chosen for its quality and consistency. There are strict guidelines regarding the type of leather used, the thickness, and even the color of the leather. Wilson Sporting Goods sources the leather from specific tanneries and oversees the entire production process to ensure that it meets NFL specifications.

Next, the leather is cut into oval shapes that are joined together to create the football. The stitching stage is perhaps the most critical step in the manufacturing process, as the stitches must be precise and uniform to ensure the football's durability and accuracy. Each stitch is made by hand and is firmly attached to the leather to prevent it from coming loose during the game.

Once the footballs are stitched and inflated to the proper pressure, they undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure that they meet all NFL specifications. Inspectors examine each football by hand, checking to make sure that the leather is uniform, the stitching is tight, and the pressure is within the required range. Only after passing this extensive quality control process do the footballs become eligible for use in the Super Bowl game.

Manufacturing game day footballs for the Super Bowl is a meticulous and time-consuming process that requires expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. With millions of fans worldwide watching and scrutinizing each play, the footballs must be of the highest quality possible. Wilson Sporting Goods takes pride in being chosen to produce the official game day footballs and works tirelessly to ensure that every football is made to the highest standards. When the two teams take the field for the Super Bowl, fans can be confident that they are watching a game played with the best footballs in the world.

Photo Credit: Elvert Barnes

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